Fravero ProPhoto product range has been designed to meet the demand of any photography market, from wedding to corporate photos, from portrait to art photography, from fashion photography to baby shooting.

You can choose between many colourful, sustainable fabrics: Canvas, Soft Touch, Eco Leather, Eco Suede Leather, Plastic Feel, Real Leather.

We believe that your photo book or album should be unique, just like you. However, by skimming through albums you can easily notice that in most of them pages mostly look the same.
What makes an album unique and gorgeous is not its dimensions, but your personal touch and eye for detail that reflect the owner in every way.

E-PHOTO®papers are authentic waterproof photo papers for digital print without additional lamination. White colour does not emerge on the surface. Due to their special structure, they produce brilliant, high-intensity, top-quality prints. This is what makes E-PHOTO®portfolio - which includes a variety of different surfaces - perfect for numerous different applications: from photo printing, through calendars and lay-flat books to commercial application that includes restaurant menus and high-quality booklets. This indeed is versatile and universal paper that offers countless possibilities.

Our online ordering is in its final construction phase, and will be available soon!

At Fravero, we consider photographers our partners and friends. We help them develop their business by offering them new and innovative products, encouraging creativeness, providing support for their current and future projects. When you think about our products, you should think about an endless colour palette that helps you create something completely unique for each story you wish to shoot.
Your photos will be unforgettable, printed or binded in books and albums in top-rate manner, and presented in boxes your customers will adore.

Fravero personel is always at your service.
We’re here to help you decide which materials are right for your needs and how to customize them.